Sunday's Best Dress

I've been playing World of Warcraft for a month now, and I know quite a bit about the game already. But I'm still a greenhorn though...a newbie, or a n00b if you want. Nonetheless, I've learned, as a Paladin specialized in Protection, that I need to carry robes, with bonuses to Spirit and Intellect, during instances because I may, yet again, act as a Priest.

So far, of all three dungeons that I did (The Deadmines, Stormwind Stockades, and Gnomeregan) I acted as the healer. If not for some gallons of milk and melon juice, we would've done poorly in all those dungeons because I wasn't specialized or geared for healing. I did fine, however. In fact, I quite enjoy healing and might re-specialize into a Holy Paladin later on in the game.

Hydrocane Loot

Anyways, the last instance, Gnomeregan, was fun. There were only four of us. One is a Warlock who think he's a fighter. So I have to heal him regularly because he was fighting at the front, generating threat with his area of effect fire spells, and getting all the aggro. I think he was trying to prove his usefulness to us. It's just that he didn't realize his true usefulness. I wanted to tell him what he needs to do but I'm not like that. I let people be with their playing styles. Still turned out to be a cool run, I didn't get any nice items for myself but I got a Hydrocane Staff (see screenshot above). It'd be nice if can use it because it'll let me hunt murlocs underwater.