Comic Collecting

I always wanted to collect comics during my early teen years. But it was just hard to do so in the Philippines, especially in Iloilo, where you just miss at lot of issues. The main reason of this was comic stores in Manila just don't have enough copies (especially X-Men and other popular comics) to send to Iloilo. If they do have copies, it's either a leftover or a bad issue. So that why I didn't collect any, there was just no point.

Now, however, while reading The Ten-Cent Plague, I regained my interest in comic collecting. I still read comics but mostly I've been buying the paperback collections. While the paperback collections are much more cheaper and easier to maintain, its value just don't go up. So, just out of the blue, I subscribed to Uncanny X-Men and Astonishing X-Men series. I also plan to pick up every Marvel Universe events starting with the current, which is Secret Invasion.