Batman: Gotham Knight

Batman: Gotham Knight (Single-disc edition)
9.5 of 10
by Warner Bros. Animation

Ten more days until The Dark Knight comes out, and the excitement and anticipation has been giving me migraines as of late. In fact, I had to make a sick call at work today because of a splitting headache and nausea. Luckily, it only lasted for a of couple hours and I had the chance to pick up Batman: Gotham Knight late this afternoon.

Gotham Knight is a direct-to-dvd that collects six Batman animated short films (similar to The Animatrix). The stories, set in the time between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, focus on the people's impressions of Batman, The current status of Gotham, his training and morality, and the fate of the Scarecrow. Other villains such as Deadshot and Killer Croc are also featured in some segments.

The DVD is a real treat, a quencher. Since it nicely bridges some gaps between the two Batman films by Christopher Nolan, it's the perfect precursor film to watch before The Dark Knight. So if you're getting jumpy and anxious over The Dark Knight. Get this DVD and watch it. It will quench you, if only for a little bit, I promise.