July 9, Dragon Age

BioWare announced the development of Dragon Age since...who knows how long? I couldn't remember anymore. But I know they announced it before Mass Effect and way before Sonic Chronicles: The Brotherhood. Mass Effect was already released for Xbox 360 and has been ported into PC. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood have been generating a lot of buzz lately and is already set for a September release. Yet I still don't know much about Dragon Age, save for a few show of screenshots.

The message at Dragon Age's official site.

But yesterday, BioWare set up a teaser page at Dragon Age's official site that says: More July 9, 2008. So is BioWare finally ready to talk about their game (which I had occasionally doubted wouldn't see any light of day and turn into vaporware) and stop guarding it like a virgin's cunt? Or is it exactly just that, a teaser to keep my hopes up? I guess we'll just have to wait for tomorrow and find out.