Featured Band: One Day As A Lion

After Rage Against The Machine disbanded back in 2000. I've heard many rumors about Zach De La Rocha, that he was either going solo or was kicked out for having writer's block. Soon after, as his former band mates were getting busy with Audioslave, news of him collaborating with big wigs such as Dan The Automator and Trent Reznor began darting around the web. But, I've never seen any of those collaborations on stage and on air.

Zach De La Rocha and Jon Theodore, One Day As A Lion.

But now, finally, after 8 years in hiatus, Zach is finally back with his two-man band, One Day As A Lion. I've only heard one song, Wild International (which you listen to on their MySpace page). The song sounds pretty close to what he did back with Rage Against The Machine, which isn't bad at all. So I think their EP is worth checking out.