Space Siege Demo

The demo of Space Siege is finally out, and it can be downloaded over at nZone. I've already played it and got sold right after the opening cinematic. Like most game demos, it covers the tutorial part of the game. But it showcased a lot of the game's mechanics. The gameplay is basically hack n' slash (or shoot n' puncture) and it's action-packed much like Dungeon Siege, its distant cousin. The atmosphere, however, reminds me of Restricted Area, an action-RPG in a cyberpunk setting.

The feature that I really liked in the demo, and what I think makes Space Siege unique from other action-RPGs, is the absence of standard loot and experience points. All the enemies you kill in the game drops parts instead, which is like a currency that goes right into an amount tab. Parts allows you to upgrade your skill, abilities, implants and your weapons. So there's no more inventory management in here, and having that dilemma of which weapons to take or drop.

Story-wise, unfortunately, might not be that deep (but I hope I'm wrong). I just don't see any potential of a great plot since the aliens appears to be mindless warmongers. It'd mostly run and gun from point a to point b, and accomplish objectives. However, I do hope that the history of the Human-Kerak war would surface a lot in the PDA logs because it seems to be interesting.

Overall, I think Space Siege would be a fun game. There's just a lot of cool features in here that you won't see too often in a fantasy-dominated genre. Even though the plot might appear to be weak, I will definitely buy the game for its action packed gameplay.