Guitar Hero says no to Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, a Guitar Hero knock-off that only features Aerosmith songs, was just released last week. But unlike Aerosmith, who are trying to widen their audience, we won't see a Led Zeppelin variant of the popular game anytime soon. Why? Well, according to Wired:

"The band, specifically Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, is not comfortable giving gaming companies access to the group's master recordings -- a necessary step in adding the band to any game."
Too bad for the gamers who were wishing for a Guitar Hero: Led Zeppelin. At least, they're still gonna get Guitar Hero: Metallica, and maybe a Guitar Hero: Van Halen too. Me, I don't really care about the game. I suck at Guitar Hero. Besides, I already got the real controller. You know, the one made of wood, with six strings, and makes real sound.