Street Sweetie

I often go on a lunch break at around 1 PM. That way I could hog the TV in the break room all to myself and watch the news. Lately, however, all I've been watching is Street Signs, a business news program on CNBC. One of my co-workers noticed it and told me that I was so concerned about the economic crisis we're now facing. She's dead wrong. Honestly, as of now, I'm not that worried about the recession. I'm not interested with the business world either, or understand financial jargon to be watching the show. But I fancy beautiful women, and the host of show, Erin Burnett, is quite a stunner.

Erin Burnett, calling President Bush a monkey.

I was just flipping through channels when I saw her, and I just had to stop. I was instantaneously captivated by her beauty and intelligence. She's smart and the way she talks will make you worship her. Also, and most importantly, she's a bright-eyed brunette (there's my keyword). Too bad, she likes expensive gifts like: "Family is important to me, so round-trip business-class tickets to Australia and New Zealand for my parents would earn you big points in my book." I don't know why I'm infatuated with smart, successful, dark-haired and bright-eyed women, who are way out of my league. I need to lower my standards.

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Junelle said...

i'm broken hearted ... OUCH! And you're in love now?

Why not with me ... HU HU HU

JOKE! DRAMA AH! Cge bira lang da lantaw TV kag pantasya ... kaw lang ya pagpantasyahan ko :D

Pinoyrocks! said...

Try Channel News Asia! They've got the hottest news anchors!

Pinoyrocks! said...

Watch Channel News Asia! They've got the hottest anchors!