Top 9 Films of 2009

Believe it or not but I've only been inside the theaters for 6-7 times this year. I gave up going to movie houses and left Netflix in charge of my film watching activities. Saved me tons of money because I only have to pay $22 every month (average of 12 rents a month) instead of going out and spending $32 for 4 movies. Although I missed a lot of good flicks this year that aren't out on DVD/Blu-Ray yet. The Road being one of them.

But anyways, I scarped up enough movies to put into my top 9 films of this year. Here they are:

1. The Hurt Locker 9.3
The Hurt Locker is a film about a bomb technician that is serving in Iraq. It's definitely my favorite war film in a post-9/11 setting. Because unlike other war films, this one doesn't spew any anti-war sentiments at all. It's not pro-war either, or involves any politics. It is, however, a film about a soldier's skill and dedication, of doing what he loves even if it's dangerous.

2. Inglorious Basterds 9.0
Quentin Tarantino may have over indulged himself when he made this film, rewriting WWII the way he wants it. But, hey, WWII have been repeatedly butchered and raped by Hollywood anyways. At least, Inglorious Basterds managed to be funny. It's probably the funniest film with Nazis since To Be or Not To Be. There's a lot of great performances here as well.

3. 500 Days of Summer 8.8
I only watched this romantic comedy because of Zooey Deschanel. She's the kind of chick that will sweep you away from your gamer chair, and inspire you to do great things. She did just that in the film, and then some more. Because her character is kind of half-evil/half-good, torturer/lover, and she played it real well. The soundtrack rocks too (The Smiths and The Pixies).

4. Avatar 8.7 [Review]
Avatar is probably the prettiest film I've seen this year. The visuals in this movie is just mesmerizing. However, it wasn't the graphics that made me dig it. It was the anti-war, anti-racism and eco-friendly sentiments embedded underneath that made me like it. True, the story maybe as old as the founding of Jamestown. But, right now, it's the perfect story to tell.

5. District 9 8.7
Done in a mocumentary style, the film's story is about a man who's undergoing a metamorphosis, his body transforming into a shrimp-like alien. The film looks cheap, and feels cheap. But it's a simple sci-fi film with a lot of cheap tricks that'll entertain you. I also like the story, which focuses on issues such as race/social segregation and xenophobia.

6. Star Trek 8.6
I wanted to become a Trekkie for a long time -because what kind of geek doesn't watch Star Trek- but I just can't. My brain always short circuits every time I try to get into the series' extensive lore. Luckily, J.J. Abrams was nice enough to reboot the film, indulging Trekkie wannabees like me, giving us a new Star Trek alternate reality to start with.

7. Drag Me to Hell 8.5
I don't watch horror movies. The world is scary as it is. But since this film is from Sam Raimi, I thought I'd make an exception and rent it. True enough, it is more like Raimi's older work, Evil Dead, which oddly delivers scary, gory and funny moments. This movie will spook you one minute and then will make you laugh so hard as if it's apologizing for spooking you.

8. Up 8.4
Up is not really my favorite Pixar film, and it's probably their worst film in my opinion. I don't know if I was over examining things while watching it or comparing it to WALL-E. But, anyways, even though a little messed up, this film is fun, adventurous and colorful. The story is heart warming. The characters -especially the dogs- are very interesting, and also oddly paired.

9. The Hangover 8.0
The film is about four guys having a bachelor's party in Las Vegas. At first, the story felt like a regular night out went wrong. But after the cast woke up and found out (more like couldn't remember) what really went wrong the other night, how they really fucked up, the fun begins. I swear I couldn't stop laughing for about an hour watching this film.

So there's my top 9. It's not a great looking list, I must admit. Like I said, I missed a lot of good movies this year since I've forgone watching new movies in theaters.

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Andrei said...

i love 500 days of summer.

i love stories about love.

real love.

that ends up to heartaches.

eventually blooms to another one.

the winter ending is too predictable, though.

gillboard said...

I completely agree with all of the movies on your list. Forgot about District 9. That film was awesome!!!

The Scud said...

i've seen all of the films on your list. they're really good. btw, that opening scene in inglourious basterds is amazing.

Eirven said...

@ I strongly agree...all of those films in your list were really the best of 2009

The Gasoline Dude said...

Drag Me To Hell? I really don't get it. Haha, hindi ko talaga siya na-appreciate. Ako lang ata ang 'di naka-appreciate sa movie na 'yun.

Skron said...

@The Gasoline Dude: Probably, man. But, at least, you're telling the truth.