Muses and Mothers

I didn't think that a new iPod Touch could actually intensify my love for music. But, with it, I've been listening to music with renewed vigor, rediscovering old songs and discovering new ones with great fervor, everywhere and anytime I could. The sad part about this "intensified love" and "renewed vigor" is that I've been spending too much money downloading music from iTunes and Amazon MP3. I bought 9 albums just last week alone, which costed me almost $100. That's not good, especially since it's the holidays and I still have to pay my iPod.

Nonetheless, I'm immensely enjoying all the recent music that I bought. The Flaming Lips, Tegan and Sara, Bear In Heaven, Russian Circles, Lightning Bolt...all new material from these artists are really good. If I ever get the chance -which means if I'm not too lazy- I'll write something about them. For now, however, I'll just feature the Wolfmother and Muse.


I'm a big fan of Muse and love all of their work. From Showbiz to Black Holes and Revelations, each of their albums can only be described as "epic", and there are no signs that indicate they're going to stop making them anytime soon. Their fifth studio LP, The Resistance, is evidence of that. Their latest work is just phenomenal, sublime. The music -filled with multi-layered melodies, spacey guitar riffs and synths, and classical piano- is very highly orchestrated. Couple that with lyrics taken from science fiction novels and you'll experience the grandest rock opera ever recorded since Queen.


Honestly, I didn't really like Wolfmother's debut album even though it was good. It was just too familiar, I guess, sounding too much like Led Zepellin. There was just no originality at all. So I wasn't really stoked about their follow up album, Cosmic Egg. Luckily, I got curious and streamed their first single, "New Moon Rising", and enjoyed it. I love the low, gut-ripping riffs here. It's very Black Sabbath-esque, very stoner rock (and I love stoner rock). Andrew Stockdale's vocal stylings, specficially his wails, is another highlight of the album. While they're influences still stick out a lot, this one is much much better than their debut.

I won't say that Muse and Wolfmother are the best in music this year has to offer. There are clearly more aritsts out there that have released better music than them. But if you like rock music, especially classic rock, I'd recommend both albums since you'll definitely enjoy them.

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glentot said...

I love Muse as well, from their earliest albums... I spend my time listening and visualizing music videos for unreleased tracks... I thought I'm the only one in the world left listening to old songs, I now know I'm wrong hehehe