Blood and Vampires

I haven't featured any new bands or new albums in this blog for sometime now. Since today's Sunday -and a Super Bowl Sunday, might I add- I feel really lazy compiling a long playlist. Instead, I'll just double feature two bands that I'm currently listening to: Surfer Blood and Vampire Weekend. Coincidentally enough, both bands' music are riddled with Afro beats.

Surfer Blood


I discovered this Florida band when I read a review and heard their debut single,"Swim", over at Pitchfork. I was intrigued so I bought their debut album, Astro Coast, during its release a couple weeks ago and ended up liking it a lot. Their sound is so chunky and fun, using a lot of sounds from genres like Afro pop, Brit pop and surf.

Vampire Weekend


I wasn't a big fan of Vampire Weekend's debut album. Don't get me wrong though, I didn't hate it. But as a guy who grew up listening to metal, that album was just too clean and too "feel good" for me. Their sophomore album, Contra, is no different. But this time, however, their afro beat influences is much more pronounced, giving more texture to their music.

Well that's it for my double feature this month. I hope you guys will enjoy this.

I also found out that my other double feature posts have broken music streams. I was using imeem before I started hosting my own stuff. But now imeem is gone, they got bought my MySpace. So all my uploaded music are no longer available. I'm going to fix it when I get the chance.

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