The Playlist #9

I feel really lazy today. But I'm obliged to share what music I know in this blog, at least every Sunday. So here's another round of my playlist for you guys to listen to. Most of the songs featured here are from artists who have new material coming out this year, and I'm looking forward to hear them.

Anyways, enjoy.

"Fast Blood" by Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit's Midnight Organ Fight is a great album, full of songs about relationships, and failed relationships, that will make you laugh and cry. It's heartwarming and real. It didn't make it on my top list though. So I hope that their new album, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, will make it this year.

"Keep the Car Running" by Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire will be releasing a new album this year. But I doubt it will top Neon Bible, which is a great thematic album. It just touches all the topic I'm concerned about. Like government crackdown on innocent civilians, people using religion to gain money or power, and wage slavery. Although, I'm still excited to her their new stuff.

"Don't You Evah" by Spoon

Spoon, which is a fun indie band to listen to, just released a new album last Tuesday. I want to buy it, since I really liked Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga a lot, but I can't because I'm still waiting for my paycheck.

"A-Punk" by Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend released their sophomore album, Contra, earlier this month. I didn't like them at first but, after listening to their debut album a hundred times (because of a lady friend), their intelligent, afro-pop sound kinda grew on me. Like Spoon's album, however, I'm still waiting to be paid before I can buy and enjoy their new album.

"Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" by She & Him

I just found out today that She & Him will release Volume Two, their sophomore album, this year. I'm not really a big fan of their music, however. It's not bad, objectively speaking. I just can't dig it. But I have this insatiable urge to hear, see, procure everything that features She, the vocalist of the duo. She being Zooey Deschanel, that bright-eyed girl who played Summer in (500) Days of Summer or Jovi in Elf.

"Change (In the House of Flies)" by Deftones

One of my favorite bands, Deftones. It's been four years since they released their last album. Plus, they also canceled the release of Eros -supposedly their sixth studio album- last year due to their bassist, Chi Cheng, being on coma. So I'm really anxious to hear some new material from them, to see whether they still have a creative spark or they lamed out. Either way, it's gonna be good because it's from Deftones.

"Black Bubblegum" by The Dillinger Escape Plan

These guys always blow me every time they release an album. They always have something new and different, kinda like Radiohead. That's probably why they're already dubbed as the "Radiohead of Metalcore" by some critics. So I'm excited to see what they're going to bring this time. Espeically now that they've gone indie and they have a new drummer.

And that's that. Until next time.

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mobias said...

dude u got some interesting/good music taste there. we have a lot in common heh, it would be cool to meet u someday,but alas, u r probably on the other side of the country.
i LOVE tool[saw them twice over here,ptld and WA, and LOVE the first 2 perfect circle discs, and yeah, what happened to deftones, hope to see them soon. thanks for the other couple that sounded interesting..always looking to expand my horizons..later!