Maybes and Propagandas

After 17 years of buying tapes and discs, I've finally gone digital with my music. It's hard to believe that, until yesterday, I've never bought a single mp3 file. I'm just old school like that, I guess. I like to have a hard copy of my music and actually hold it. I still do. But, combined with my books and boxes of comics, I'm running out of storage space in my room. That's why I went digital. Not only it'll save me some space but also time -from ripping my CDs- and money -because mp3 albums are always cheaper in Amazon.

Speaking of cheap digital music, my budget allowed me to buy three mp3 albums instead of just two hard copies. The albums that I bought were from the bands Dredg, Propagandhi and Maybeshewill. All of them are great albums -especially Dredg's (I'm hoping to write a review of it sometime next month)- and I'm having a blast listening to them all. But, anyways, here's a snippet of those two albums: Sing the Word Hope in Four Part Harmony and Supporting Caste.


Maybeshewill is a post-rock band from UK. I've never heard of them before prior to their new album, Sing the Word in Four Part Harmony. But when I came across them and downloaded their free mp3, "Last Time This Year", on Last.fm, they completely blew me away. Unlike most post-rock bands, none of their song are meant for shoegazing. The songs in their new album are pretty heavy and melodic, and as well as aggressive and beautiful. It's definitely the best post-rock album I've heard since Mogwai's The Hawk is Holwing, which was released last year.


Now here's a band that I haven't heard from in more than 10 years. I don't know if they went on hiatus or I just buried them beneath other bands. But, anyways, even though they're a great punk rock band, I wasn't that much of a fan of their music. Their new album, Supporting Caste, however, is all balls to the walls goodness. Full of focused -not wasteful- energy and aggression. The guitar riffs, the melody and rhythm, the lyrics (which speaks a lot to me), everything here is good. I haven't heard any punk music this good for a long while.

There's nothing much left to say about the albums I featured above except that they're awesome, fun and energetic to listen to. They couldn't labeled as "classics" but neither of them are forgettable or a waste of time and money. I highly recommend both albums to those who like rock or punk music.

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