Deus Ex Machinas: God from the Machines

My schedule's viselike grip is starting to put pressure on me, and finding time to relax -before I crack like an egg- is no easier. I can't play lengthy games anymore, it takes me more than a month to finish a book, and I can't find the time to see movies. It seems the only thing I can start doing -and actually finishing it- is reading a graphic novel.

So last Friday, there was a sale on an independent bookstore (3 books, on select items, for $25) near my train station. Luckily, I found 3 graphic novels that seemed interesting enough for me. Coincidentally, all graphic novels are about individuals who can control machines.

Ex Machina: The First Hundred Days

Former civil engineer-turned super hero, Mitchell Hundred, has the abilty to talk and command machines. The interesting twist, after realizing that he also caused damage as a hero, he stopped using his powers to become mayor of New York City. Ex Machina is a stupendous graphic novel that mixes city politics with heroic powers to add a sense of realism in the world of tradional comic book heroes.

Ghost in the Shell Vol.1 & 2

I've read both of these Manga, twice this weekend, and I still don't understand it. There's a lot of unnecessary tech dialogue that strays the reader. But even without that, the story is still complex with all the ideas of an artificial intelligence fusing with human spirituality, psychology, and religion. While it's a hard read, there's not doubt that Shirow Masamune's lewd and sterling artwork is very appealing to me.