RPG Codex interviews Chris Avellone

RPG Codex did a rather interesting interview with Obsidianite Chris Avellone, about RPGs, that can be found here and here.

Here's Chris' definition of RPG:

"What the hell is the "core role-playing game formula?" Here’s my take on it:

You role-play. You are given the choice of putting yourself into a role and the game allows you to act out that role, and ideally, gives you the means and game mechanics to do so - if you want to be evil, you can, and it has repercussions. If you want to Mr. Stealthy, there is a stealth skill, and it allows you to do cool things." -- Chris Avellone

Well, I think people nowadays thinks a role-playing game is something with soil erosion, swords, and monsters-turns-to-loot skills.