The Fallen Land

It dawned on me just this morning that I never heard any news about The Fall and Golden Land for quite some time now. I've been following the development of these European RPGs since 2-4 years ago, back when there was a huge "PC RPG drought" in North America, and when the European invasion began.

The Fall: Last Days of Gaia is a RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world, and heavily inspired by Fallout. European developers are not only fond of RPGs but they are also fond of Fallout. As a result, we have RPGs coming out that aren't based on medieval fantasy. Two other games that are set in a sci-fi/post-apocalyptic world are Resitricted Area and Metalhearts. Both games were buggy, crappy, and cheesy (like most European developed games). Though I, and other gamers, hope that The Fall wouldn't be anything like those two. Unfortunately, the latest news I heard about the Fall was last Novermber 2005. It was a good news as well, stating that the US game engine is done. So maybe they're close to publishing it? I don't know.

Golden Land is a turn-based fantasy RPG that boasts 100 hours of gameplay. 4 years ago, this game really looked amazing. But now, with its 800x600 resolution, it wouldn't cut in the market. Still, its RPG system will probably be a whole lot better than most RPGs these days. Worst than The Fall, I never heard any news about this game for 2 years. Although, its publisher, Strategy First has a page about this game.

I'm not positive if these games were cancelled due to the sudden influx of RPGs in North America. Sure, most of European games are crappy when it comes to production value, translations, and voice over. But most of them have enjoyable gameplay. So I hope that they will publish The Fall and Golden Land here in NA because the dry spell for RPGamers isn't over yet, no matter what they -Bethesda Fanboys and IGN- say.