Oblivion: The Greatest RPG

I found a forum post at RPG Codex that implies: "Why Oblivion will be the greatest RPG, based on facts." Based on facts, I found this post rather imbecelic. Here's a few highlights from the post.

" To contrast your viewpoints against mine, I got one of my friends 'in the know' to get me in on an Oblivion preview stint. After playing it for 4 hours, I can safely say that Oblivion will be the greatest RPG, if not one of the greatest games, ever made and totally blows your favorites right out of the water.

Let's run down the facts and cram cold and hard truth down your gullets:

Graphics -
Without a doubt, graphics are the most important element of games today. Sure, you can have all sorts of fun little minigames and dice rolls, but they wont even exsist if nothing is there to represent them on the screen. The better the graphics, the stronger their presence in the game."--rfrants

It's true that you need graphics for computer games, and I personally love good graphics too. But graphics is NOT the most important part of the game. Because 10 years from now, Oblivion's great graphics would look abysmal. Great graphics don't make classics. It's the gameplay and the story. Why do you think people still Wasteland, Darklands, and Ultima IV from time to time? They have bad graphics now.

Voice Acting is another core component of RPGs and video-games in general. How can you enjoy a game if all you hear is a bunch of faceless nobodies hacking out forgettable lines? Isn't the point of games to be enjoyable? Exactly. Exceptional Voice Acting improves the game considerably. "--rfrants

This is fun. Now, when did voice acting became a core component of video games? Because you can still play a game even without voices. Sure it's nice to have good voice acting. But would you dig Oblivion from your garage 10 years from now just to listen to Patrick Stewart's and Sean Bean's voices?

"Trying to see it from your view point, I went out and purchased some games that people around here were praising in various threads (such as the Greatest Games You've Never Played thread) and spent about 30 minutes with them, to get a rough idea of your tastes. I played Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 (I heard ALOT of praise for BG2), Fallout: Tactics (I couldn't find the originals and from all the praise the lacklustre Jagged Alliance 2 got, I figured this would be even more popular among you) and got the demo for Ultima 9: Armageddon. "--rfrants

Well, it's true. Oblivion will have the upper hand if it's compared to Ultima 9, Fallout: Tactics, and Baldur's Gate: Alliance 2. Those are horrible games. Why not compare Oblivion to Fallout, Baldur's Gate 2, and Ultima IV?