Vendetta Day

A few weeks ago, I've posted that I received an advance screening ticket for V for Vendetta. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go because of my busy schedule. Today, however, I've finally managed to take my time off from my clincals, and was able to watch V for Vendetta.

As I expected, the Wachowski brothers tweaked a couple of things from the graphic novel -which was written in the 80's- to adjust it to present time and include modern day problems (i.e. the bird flu) that wasn't in the novel. However, there were some unnecessary tweaks and the background setting -the decaying atmosphere in the graphic novel- wasn't painted well enough in the film.

Natalie Portman, the one true reason that I watched this film.

The actors did an exemplary job on this film. Hugo Weaving gave life to V, and perfectly nailed V's introduction. Natalie Portman -a true artist who's willing to shave her head for the film's sake- did tremendously on delivering different emotions throughout the film. Although, sometimes, her British accent was a bit distracting. John Hurt also did a sterling job as the Chancellor Adam Sutler. But some parts -the political rants- were dragging and slows the momentum of the movie.

As a film, I really enjoyed V for Vendetta -although not as much as the graphic novel. The tweaks and adjusment were mostly necessary but the background setting wasn't evident enough to display a decaying nation. The political speeches were, for the most part, boring. However, the actors did an excellent work in bringing the characters -in the comics- to life. The rhetoric and ideas of the graphic novel is not lost in this movie either, and the ideas of the comic is what's really important, especially in these days.