Bundles of Fun

People are usually broke during the new year -the aftermath of the holiday seasons- and I'm no exception. The good thing is cheap game bundles are abundant during this time of the year. Here are some of my recommendations.

Gothic II: Gold Edition

The gold edition includes Gothic II, and the expansion pack, Night of the Raven, which was never released in North America. Gothic II is an open-ended RPG with a strong storyline and interesting characters. The bundle costs $20, and it's worth it even if you're just after the expansion.

Silent Storm: Gold Edition

Silent Storm is a squad tactical turn-based RPG in a World War II setting. The rich character development; and two seperate, and non-linear, campaigns promises gameplay longevity. The bundle contains Silent Storm and the Sentinels expansion, and can be bought for a cheap price of $20.

SpellForce: Platinum Edition

As of now, SpellForce is probably the most successful RTS/RPG hybrid. The platinum edition pack includes the original game and the two expansions, Breath of Winter and Shadow of the Phoenix. Each campaign boasts 60 hours of gameplay. The bundle costs $20.

Command & Conquer: The First Decade

This DVD bundle includes all 12 Command & Conquer games, and a commerative video that includes interviews and tributary videos from fans. The bundle costs $40, a little bit expensive from my other recommendations, but it's really worth the price.