300 Spartans

Frank Miller's 300

When going to the movies the other thing that is fun, other than the movie itself, are the trailers. Some people do complain about them but trailers are part of the movies too, you pay to watch them. One trailer that made my blood race, and almost gave me a heart attack, was The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Now another one did the same thing when I went to watch The Departed today -which, by the way, is a fun movie. That film is called 300. The music, the action, it all got through me and I almost shouted, in excitement, inside the theatre.

300 is a 'comic-to-film' and was based on Frank Miller's 300 graphic novel, one of my favorites. There was also an older film version in the 60's entitled 300 Spartans, which also depicts the battle of the 300 spartans against the thousand armies of Persia. Though I would think, based on the trailer and Frank Miller's 300, the older film, 300 Spartans, would be more historically accurate. Frank Miller's 300 would be the artsy and sensationalized version. Still, worth waiting for though.