Eme Nakia

If The Mars Volta released a booklet -in order to understand their album De-loused in the Comatorium- that contained the interesting story of their friend. Sparta also included a DVD on their third album, entitled Eme Nakia, which I would love to call a movietrack, that tells the early life of their drummer, Tony Hajjar.

While the short film isn't really "to die for" or anything, it's still nice to see the roots of Tony. The film portrays the younger Tony, who just migrated to the states due to the civil war in Lebanon during the 80's. His family stayed at El Paso, Texas -where I think he met and formed At The Drive In- where he and his family struggled. His mother had cancer, and his father stayed distant from them, and started seeing other women. Eventually, his mother died and his father left them, leaving his older brother to take care of them, he and his sister.

As for the album, I haven't thorougly listened to it but I'm quite sure that not all songs here pertains to Tony's life. Though, I think it's good. I liked it better than Porcelain. I'll listen to it a bit then you'll hear more from my review.