As of late, game developers have been raping the RPG genre with elven archers and orcish warriors, and I'm tired of the fantasy setting. That's the reason why, lately, I've been dabbling with RPGs with different settings. Namely, D20 Modern and Deadlands. But as I was searching for Deadlands rulebooks on the net, I stumbled upon Headfirst Production website and found out that they're developing a Deadlands game.

To give you a head's up, Deadlands is one of the most unique RPG. The character creation uses a deck of poker cards to determine your character's traits. The same goes for spell casting. But what I like about it is the setting and atmopshere. Which is a cross genre between western, horror, and steampunk. A bit similar to the game Darkwatch, I think.

I don't know if the game will stay true, or close, to the rulebook. Heck, I don't even know if the game will see the light of day. But for now, the news of a Deadlands game is a very welcome and refreshing news to me.