Character Build: Neverwinter Nights 2 - The Black Bard

This is the 2nd part of my Neverwinter Nights 2 character builds. Last week, I posted my Dragon Knight build, an honorable warrior with the strength of a dragon and divine powers. This time were going to take a look at the Black Bard. It's a spellcaster/fighter variation with lots of buffing spells and good Base Attack Bonus. It's not as powerful as the Dragon Knight but it's my favorite because it's fun to play.

The Black Bard
(Bard 9/Eldritch Knight 7/Blackguard 4)

A Black Bard is a charismatic warrior with a poisoned tongue. He often hides himself in deception and spread lies through his songs.

A Black Bard must either be of Neutral or Chaotic Evil alignment since he fights with lies, deception, and often kills in cold blood. Aasimars are the best Black Bards because of their high Charisma, and are perfect deceivers because the people in the realms believe they are of good alignment. Black Bards worship Cyric, the Prince of Lies. They are, often times, Flirts or Ladies Men since they can beguile and manipulate anyone. Some are bullies and prefer to get what they want through intimidation.

As for their skills, the Black Bard is a skilled talker and performer. He always gets away from trouble through manipulation, intimidation, bluffing, or by putting a good performance. He is also good at hiding, allowing him to easily launch a sneak attack at an unaware opponent. He also knows how to perform numerous songs that can aid him, and his allies, during combat.

Charisma is the main ablity of the Black Bard. It fuels his spells, songs, and divine powers. A Black Bard relies in his enchantment and illusion spells. When in combat, he tries to incapacitate or divide the ranks of his enemies and weaken their effectiveness by cursing (Curse Song) and casting Song of Discord, Mass Holding, Charming and Domination spells. He often uses his divine powers (Divine Might and Divine Shield) and casts Ghostly Visage, Mirror Image, Heroism, Greater Heroism, and Bull's Strength spells before battle to increase his protection and fighting capabilities.

Starting Abilities
STR 16/DEX 14/CON 10/INT 12/WIS 10/CHA 17

Level, Ability and Feat Progression
01. Bard 01 - Curse Song
02. Bard 02
03. Bard 03 - Power Attack
04. Bard 04 - CHA +1
05. Bard 05
06. Bard 06 - Cleave
07. Bard 07
08. Bard 08 - CHA +1
09. Bard 09 - Battle Caster
10. Blackguard 01
11. Blackguard 02
12. Blackguard 03 - Divine Might; CHA +1
13. Eldritch Knight 01
14. Eldritch Knight 02
15. Blackguard 04 - Divine Shield
16. Eldritch Knight 03 - CHA +1
17. Eldritch Knight 04
18. Eldritch Knight 05 - Great Cleave
19. Eldritch Knight 06
20. Eldritch Knight 07 - CHA +1