The news died with Vickie Smith

Since yesterday afternoon, and until this evening, I was clicking between Fox, MSNBC, and CNN hoping for some news. But it seems that the death of former Playboy Playmate and Guess? model Vickie Smith (or Anna Nicole. I still like to call her Vickie Smith since that's how I came to know her from the pages of Playboy) has halted the flow of current events, and has turned all news channels into one big tabloid.

Though, I think, a lot of people prefer this kind of story. A death of a centerfold/model is certainly interesting than that of the "love-crazy astronaut" girl or the Filipino hostages in Nigeria. So it's all about Anna Nicole (god bless her soul and her 36 DD), the cause of her death and the battle for her daugther's custody. Not that she doesn't deserve any media attention. Maybe a snippet in the running caption, below the news screen, would suffice. After all, she's one of the beautiful people that posed in Playboy, and she did entertain me during her reign as the Playmate of the Month and Playmate of the Year.

Hopefully, this eclipse will be over and everything is back to normal by the time I wake up tomorrow.