Modules in Episodes

I started building the areas for my Neverwinter Nights 2 module when I realized it was too big for me to handle alone. So now, I've decided to break the epic module into five small episodes. That way, I can easily build smaller episodes at a shorter time, and release them every two months. Nothing much will change from my original plans, except I have to remove the global sidequests.

As for the main quest and side quests, I've already written some guidelines for it. They're nothing special and I actually used the monomyth pattern (a universal pattern that is present in many stories such as in Star Wars and The Matrix), by Joseph Campbell, when I wrote the storyline as some sort of a guide.

With most of the stuff in place, the story of the first episode and the areas, I think I might finish the module by the end of March, or even earlier than that. Now all I have to do is write the conversations and the scripts -which are the two most difficult thing in module building.