Warm Winter Fey

It's snowing hard since this morning, and this is probably the worst snowstorm I've experienced since moving here in the states. So my plans for this day -picking up a copy of the new Modest Mouse CD and a game expansion for Galactic Civilizations II- were all cancelled. Instead of going out and trudge through 8 inches of snow I just stayed home and searched for Katie Fey's picture to keep me warm.

Katie Fey, to those who aren't familiar with her, is a nude art model. A nude ART model, not some sleazy magazine centerfold, mind you. Her name besides, she really is a fey (fairylike or otherwordly) with that innoncent beauty and a perfect 10 natural body. But my limited vocabulary can't give a proper description that befits this girl. In order for you to understand what I'm talking about you need to check out this gallery. I assure you that those pictures really does warms the heart even in a cold winter day.