Snapping Cold, Biting Frost, and the Remains

I had my job interview, yesterday, at Loyola University Medical Center. So I had no choice but to commute amidst the abysmally cold weather. And even though I was tightly wrapped in my warmest coat, I didn't bother to wear any gloves. That was a decision that I soon came to regret since the bus was late for 10 minutes, and 10 minutes felt like an eternity -especially when the cold was biting my hand really hard.

"One simple thing leads to another". Like the saying goes, not wearing my gloves also leads me to another thing. On my way home, I have to take shelter inside Best Buy, while waiting for the bus, to avoid the cold and frostbites. While browsing around the store I found Alkaline Trio's lastest release, Remains. Being a fan of their last album, I acted out on impluse and got the item only to find out later that it was bad. 22 songs, all rejects from their previous work. That's why the title of the album is "remains".

Nevertheless, even though yesterday was cold to me, I did well on my interview. In fact, I did so well I even impressed myself, and there's 85% probability that they'll call me back next week...hopefully.