On Fire

One of the reasons I like Steam is because you can track down and show off your gameplay hours. But it doesn't seem to work with my MMOs (Warhammer and Aion). I think it's probably because those games uses another launcher, disabling Steam's ability to track down the number of hours I've spent with those games -which is a lot- and it's quite vexing. That's why I finally decided to try Xfire.

Xfire is a social app for gamers (kinda like Facebook) that can also track down the hours you've spent on a game. But, in addition, it can also take screenshots and videos which you can upload on their website. This app has been around for a while now. I just didn't bother to try it until our guild leader suggested that I should use this to take vids for Warhammer instead of Fraps.

So now that I'm on Xfire, why don't you check out my profile, skron80, and add me as your friend.

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