On Elves, It Looks Good.

I didn't even realize, until yesterday, that I have around 80 blue extract sitting in my Knight's bank and inventory. So I decided to make some blue dye for my new Annihilator armor set. However, the color turned out to be a light blue green and not the kind of blue I was expecting. It really looked lame on my Knight's armor. So I re-dyed my armor back to Scorched Brown color, and auctioned all the blue dyes.

Dyed in Sea Guard Blue, High Elf White Lion (Left) and Empire Knight of the Blazing Sun (Right)

No one bought the dyes, of course, even though it was really cheap. The players probably knew that it was a bad color. I was going to sell the dyes to a vendor but decided to play around with it instead. So I divided all the dyes and sent them to all my other characters. Surprisingly, the color actually looks good on all my Elven characters. It's probably because they're effeminate, and that makes the lighter colors work well with them.

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iceberg said...

I like Elves...cool