First Impressions: Risen

I'm currently playing a game called Risen, and I'm really liking it a lot. The gameplay, being developed by Piranha Bytes, is a lot like the Gothic games. So if you aren't familiar with the combat of Gothic series, be prepared to save often because you're going to die a lot. I can't say much about the story though since I just started playing it. But the setting kinda reflects our current world, in whereas people are also burdened with financial problems. The game's graphics, however, is really really horrendous. But if you're a true RPG fan, you need to try this game. I assure you, you won't regret playing it.

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gillboard said...

i was contemplating on buying the xbox version of that game earlier... need to find reviews about it first.

Skron said...

If you have extra money and really liked Gothic 1 & 2, then you should get this game. If not, just wait for Dragon Age, man.