A Steamy Affair

I've been using Steam for almost two months now, and I've been loving the service it provides me ever since. Having said that, that's a huge compliment coming from an old school sentimental gamer like me who still collects game boxes. So why do I love Steam, you say? Well, there are a lot of reasons for that but here are the three I's that matters most:

  • Instant Gaming
I'm a busy person. I have work and a lot of hobbies, and time can be scarce to enjoy both. So downloading games from Steam, instead of driving to a store to buy my games, saves me a lot of time. It's true that, sometimes, download connections can be slow. But I don't really care because I can still read books and comics while waiting for my downloads to finish. But best of all, if you're on vacation (or even at work), you can always access your Steam client wherever there's internet and play your games.
  • Insane Deals
Steam also offers great discounts on select games. I especially love their packaged deals. Take the THQ collector pack, for a example, a $100 game bundle that consists of 12 awesome games. It's a perfect gift to a budding PC gamer. Their weekend deals are also off the charts, giving you discounts as much as 50% to 75% off the price tag. Last week, I bought Far Cry 2 for 50% off, and the game's not even a year old. You won't find this kind of deals in retail stores.
  • Indie Games
I'm an ardent supporter of everything indie. Games, comics, music, you name it. Unfortunately, due to my hectic schedule, I don't have much time tracking down indie stuff. That's why it's a good thing that Steam carries an extensive list of indie games in their catalog. I would've never heard of interesting games such as Audiosurf, Defense Grid, or Zeno Clash if I just relied on "premiere" news gaming blogs or websites.

Instant gaming, insane deals and indie games are the three things that made me love Steam. Hopefully, by now, you're also using Steam because it's really a boon to PC gaming. If you're not using Steam right now. Then go download it here.

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Level Up said...

Hells yeah brother! Glad you've taken a liking to it. I got Left 4 Dead 50% off and it wasn't even 4 months old yet. Steam is really great. Glad to see theyre getting some love.