A Flash of Armor

PC gaming is dead. A lot of people have said that (like this guy, for example, whose game is overrated). Why? Because the sales of PC games have dwindled over the years? Because the number of PC exclusive games -well polished PC exclusive games- have dwindled over the years? While I'm not so sure about the former, because all sales numbers are only based on the physical purchases, excluding the digital downloads. The latter, however, because most of the games that I see on "Best PC Games" lists are also on the "Best Xbox 360" or "Best PS3" lists, I can agree with. But PC gaming dead? Not quite.

Warfare 1917, a flash game that wages war on boredom.

There are four things (or maybe just three) that can prove PC gaming is alive -not kicking like it used to but still alive. First, there are the MMOs, whose loyal subscribers pay a meager monthly sum of $15. And for Blizzard that sums up to a total of $150 million each month ($15/month x 10 million soul less subscribers). Second, there's me who still buys a 1,500 PC gaming rig instead of getting an Xbox 360, a PS3, and a Wii. Third, if the polls and studies are right (I doubt it), PC is still selling games and is the largest market amongst the gaming platforms. Lastly, there's the flash games that people can't stop playing.

Ah, thank God (or any deity at all) for flash games. It's the only consolation we have for being stuck on an idle day at the office, the only thing that can make us look busy and frantic with work, and -sadly- might also be the reason for our termination (and this is why nobody at work knows the existence of my blog). But, to me, the fun always outweighs the risks. So during nights when I'm stuck in my office, finished with all my work but can't punch out because it's too early, or just too sick of working, I always visit Armor Games, a haven of flash games.

GemCraft, a very addictive tower defense flash game.

Armor Games probably have hundreds of games. Although I've only played two, Warfare 1917 and GemCraft. I highly recommend both of these games. GemCraft, especially, a tower defense game that is highly addictive. I know I only play it to occupy myself when I'm bored but once it gets busy again I find it hard to pull away from the game. So, if you're bored at home or work, try these games out and support PC gaming. Just be careful of not getting yourself fired though.

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Level Up said...

Wow,awesome post. I've never heard of armor games, and I love Tower defense games so that Gem Craft is definately on my radar now. How's that King's Bounty holding up btw?

PUSANG-gala said...

as usual---di na naman ako nakarelate---sensya na po ha---hanggang anime lang talaga ata ko---sa bundok kasi walang pc dati. di nadevelop ang skill at interest ko---thanks for visiting me and for the comments---appreciate it.

Skron said...

@Level Up: I haven't played King's Bounty for a while because I'm still trying to finish my books. Then, Dawn of War II is coming out next week as well.

@Pusang-Gala: I just don't write about PC gaming, you know.