The Upcoming Year

It's been almost a month since the last time I wrote something here. In truth, I'm not that busy. I was just uninspired. I'm tired of waking up early to go to my clincal site. I'm getting sick of all the generic and whiny music that has been coming out lately. I'm sick and tired of PC gaming, prioritizing the development of physics and graphics rather than focusing on the gameplay and story. I almost gave up...but I found a small flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

Just yesterday, I checked a site called Shoutweb, which is my source for all new music in the past five years, and found out about a band called Portugal The Man. I downloaded two of their songs "Marching with 6" and "Stables & Chairs". I was impressed and got their album. I'll write a review of it sometime soon. The website also had a list of upcoming albums and new artists this year. I found a couple few to be interesting and will defintely keep an eye - or an ear - on them.

Also, a few days ago. Gamespot released a lengthy list of upcoming games this 2006. Some of them I already expect, but a lot of them I didn't know. But, at this point, it looks good for PC gaming.