Dragon Age

It's been more than two years since BioWare released their last PC game, and announced their latest PC project, Dragon Age. BioWare, however, left their PC followers, hungry, with nothing but a teaser screenshot, a makeshift website, and not much official news.

Furthermore, the release of Jade Empire, and the announcement of Mass Effect, only bolstered my conviction that BioWare has abandoned their PC project.

However, just this morning, I found out that the Dragon Age website was updated, and RPG codex has also posted a collected information, from the Dragon Age forum, posted by David Gaider. Here's the part that I like:

"Dragon Age is not what we'd call an Action RPG. It's much more like a next-generation Baldur's Gate, with a party and a story style pretty similar to that. What you make of that is up to you, but to us the focus here is very much on the storytelling and not so much on the combat..." - David Gaider.

Not an Action RPG is a good thing. Now, the question is: when will this game hit the stores?


gabusch said...

Nice blog! Thanks for dropping by 3WGD as well.

I read the Escapist too. It's a cool mag :)