Flaming Lords

Last Thursday, Empire at War was released, a Star Wars strategy game set in the period between Episodes III and IV. Today, I went to Best Buy to pick up my copy, but I found myself leaving the store with two items on my hand, none of which is Empire at War. Instead of it, I bought a game, Dungeon Lord's Collector's Edition, and a CD, In Flames' Come Clarity.

Dungeon Lords was one of my most anticipated games last year. Unfortunately, it was released (May 2005) unfinished, and was murdered, both, by game critics and PC gamers. I averted myself from buying this disastrous game. Now, however, that they fixed the game and re-released it, I don't have enough reason to avoid it the second time. So far, the game runs smoothly and I'm enjoying every minute of it. I'll write a review sooner, if not later.

I also got the new In Flames album, Come Clarity. I must say that, although Come Clarity is not my favorite In Flames album, the Swedish band has never disappointed me yet.