I went out to watch Mel Gibson's Apocalypto yesterday, and compared to his other films (Passion of the Christ and Braveheart) this one is less epic. But that doesn't mean the movie isn't great. The authenticity of the film, and its message, makes it a work of art.

What I like about this film is that Mel Gibson eschewed Hollywood flair, in favor of authenticity. There are no pretty looking Hollywood actors and actresses and all of the actors are indian-looking. Even the fierce looking king of the Mayans wasn't a real actor but a worker they found on the docks. The film also uses the Yukatek Maya language (there are English sub-titles, of course, so don't worry) which adds a more authentic atmosphere to the film.

The film shows that the folly of man is responsible for destroying what he had created and had hoped to protect. Apocalypto's setting was at the decline of the Mayans, just before the Spaniards came, where their civilization was ravaged by disease and blight. In hopes to counter these problems they offer human sacrifices to their god, killing hundreds of people a day. Little did they know though that the blood spilled from the dead and the decaying bodies are the result of their problems. In comparison to our recent problems, as Gibson had intended, Mr. Bush is also making human sacrifices -sending men to Iraq- in hopes, or under the guile, to protect the US.

Overall, it think Apocalypto was a great film. Not Academy Awards-worthy like Braveheart though but it's fun to watch.


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