Bundles of Fun: Holiday Guide

Gaming is really a big part this gift giving season. Though usually, you'll hear games like Gears of War or Resistance: Fall of Man on the pages of shopping guides or from the mouths of sales persons. In truth, they're all good games but their price is a bit steep ($60). Luckily, if you're into PC gaming, or have a friend that is into PC gaming, and don't mind two-year old games, you can easily fill out stockings for just the same, or even less, amount of price.

Call of Duty: War Chest

Call of Duty is one of the best World War II first-person shooter ever made, and the War Chest collection is one heck of a stocking filler. For $50, the box includes 3 games: Call of Duty, the United Offensive expansion, and Call of Duty 2. This game will really give a bang to your buck.

Half-Life 2: Holiday 2006 Collection

Half-Life 2 is one of the highest rated first-person shooter, and probably the highest rated PC game. Besides the Half-Life 2 game, this collection also includes Half-Life: Source, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, and Counter Strike: Source. 4 games for only $50, now that's long mileage.

Star Wars: The Best of PC

Of all bundles listed in here, this one is the gem. For $40, this package includes 6 Star Wars games: Jedi Knight II, Knights of the Old Republic, Empire at War, Battlefront, Republic Commando, and a 14-day trial to Star Wars: Galaxies. Highly recommended to any PC gamer and Star Wars fan.

Total War: Eras Collection

The Total War series are the best strategy games, and Eras is the ultimate collection. For $60, the box includes Shogun, Medieval, and Rome with all their expansions ( a total of 7 games). Plus, it also includes some collector items.


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