Merry Christmas...from Deadpool.

One of the gifts that I received was a gift card for Borders bookstore. Since I wasn't in the mood for heavy reading I got myself a graphic novel, Deadpool vol.1. Deadpool is a Marvel comic anti-hero, and I became his fan since I saw him in X-Force comics. Though I didn't know he has his own comic but I'm glad they bound the 1st 25 issues.

Deadpool vs. Santa Claus

To start with, Deadpool was a government agent with a terminal cancer. Wanting to cure his disease, he volunteered for the Weapon X program. He was eventually given a healing factor -like Wolverine's- and was cured from his cancer. Though in the process of expirementation, he became insane. But his insanity is what makes him special and funny, and in the end -with the aid of Loki- he also broke the fourth wall (he knows that he's a comic book character). After Weapon X, Deadpool became a mercernary and was considered as a villain in the Marvel universe (he fought the New Mutants and X-Force). Though his infatuation with Siryn (X-Force member) made him become a better person, but not entirely good.

Deadpool's comic, however, is more about his struggles of becoming good and there's less fighting (considering he's one of the best fighters in the Marvel universe). Still, the comic is a lot of fun and jam-packed with guest stars (Deadpool even became Thor). But his psycho-babble is the gold in here, and it sure made me laugh plenty of times