Patched and Tweaked

Neverwinter Nights 2 is probably the best RPG that came out this year, and my First Impression is a testament to that. While the game is good, it is also plagued with bugs. Worse, I wasn't able to update this game using the autoupdater. Even worse, Obsidian and Atari were playing deaf, tip-toed around this problem, and failed to release a "Critical Fix" patches -like what BioWare did for the original Neverwinter Nights. But finally, after five weeks and many failed attempts to update, I was able to patch my game. Not with the help of Atari or Obsidian, but with the help of a dedicated gamer and lurker at BioWare forums.

So if you're one of those who are having trouble patching their game using the autoupdater. You might want to download the lastest patch (1.00 to 1.03) manually. Then, download this nifty utility called NWN2 patcher made by BioWare forum lurker, TNT220. After you've downloaded both, proceed to this forum link, here, for instructions. I can't guarantee that you'll patch your game successfully though. But it's worth a shot.

After you've patched your game, head on to Tweak Guides and check out their tweaking guide for Neverwinter Nights 2. If you're not that techno savvy or don't understand some of the in-game settings, this guide will clarify a lot of things. Of course, it'll also help you choose and set your game to achieve balance between performance and image quality.