1st Hollywood Crush

Went out to catch Blood Diamond today, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Connelly. The movie was about conflict diamonds, diamonds which are mined in war zones and are being sold to fund the war. I was aware that this film was good -that's why I paid $8.00 to see it- but it has exceeded my expectations.

But the real reason I wanted to see the movie was Jennifer Connelly. I had an instant crush on her -my first Hollywood crush- when I saw The Labyrinth as a wee boy. She was a charmer and a screen scorcher back then, and she still is now -even at 36. Although, in Blood Diamond, she didn't set the screen on fire with her voluptuous figure like she did in Waking the Dead and Mulholland Falls.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could watch The Labyrinth again. anyway, Blood Diamond is indeed a good watch... it has social relevance and a good cast. - gene