Toying with the Toolset

Lately, I've been tinkering with the Electron Toolset (for Neverwinter Nights 2). I must say that its more versatile than the Aurora Toolset (for Neverwinter Nights) was, since it has plenty of options to make your modules look visually good. However, the toolset is more complicated than before and the interface is quite a mess. So I immediately stopped dabbling with the toolset after my first try. Though, after reading a bunch of tutorials, I stepped in again. It's still awkward to work with but I think I'm coming through.

So far, I've only finished one area (8x8 area size) and one magical item. But it took me almost two hours to work on both (while it'll only take me thirty minutes, or even less, to work on an area and an item with the Aurora toolset). So I imagine, with my time spent on just one area and an item, it might take a year or more before I can finish my epic module. Still, I'm pretty satisfied of how my area looks. It has different textures and surfaces. It doesn't look dry and bored compared to the ones I made using the Aurora Toolset.

For now, I'll just continue building all the areas for the prologue, and then I'll finalize my story so I could start creating the characters and conversations -which would be even more difficult than making the areas.