In order to give my twitching eye (see previous post) some time to recuperate, I stayed away from my PC and books for the past two days. So instead of reading, blogging, or summoning the undead to decimate the conformist populace, I re-organized my room...a little bit.

It took me some time to clear my room since I live in the basement (yeah, stereotypical. A jobless 26 year-old with no girlfriend and loves Dungeons & Dragons). Cleaning and throwing things is one thing but it doesn't take time. What takes time is when you sort the crap, find things, and wallow in nostalgia. Like finding an old photograph and letter, you thought lost, caught in between the pages of a magazine. That takes time. First you'll lose your thoughts just by staring at the picture for countless minutes, and then you'll read the letter, or the magazine, and reminisce the good times for hours.

More space for my PC games after clearing out old magazines.

The other thing that takes time is making a decision to throw or keep a certain thing. I hate that kind of conundrum. In my case, I really had nothing important to throw away (I already threw my life away...LOL) except for my old PC game boxes and old magazines (the dirty ones included). Yet for some reason, I really had such a difficult time parting with them. Though part with them, I did (I even had to throw my stuff at night so they won't discover the dirty magazines).

Now, my room and shelves has much more space for the new year. The only thing I must do right now is to get a job, so I can buy many things to fill up my spacious shelves again.