Episodic Contents

A couple years ago, every time I finish a great PC game, I wished that developers would soon release an expansion to that game in order satiate my cravings. I also hoped that, someday, the game expansions would just keep coming like TV episodes. At that time, it was just that...a dream, a wish -and an absurd one to be sure. But now, that dream is already true and that wish have been granted -and far from absurd. Because episodic contents are invading the game entertainment.

It just started last summer (2005) when they released Half-Life 2: Episode 1 and the first episode of Sin. Then came Sam & Max, which is currently at its second episode. Now, BioWare had also joined the fray by announcing that they will be having episodic contents (this really excites me more than you will know) for their PC games such as Jade Empire: Special Edition and Dragon Age. Then there's also the upcoming sci-fi game called the Seeker, which story will be told in episodes.

So it seems more and more game developers are embracing episodic contents. And why not? It's faster and cheaper to develop compared to a full expansion. The downside to it is, since its faster and cheaper to develop, they'll probably release 2-3 episodes a year. That will cripple my wallet.