I'm not really a big anime/manga fan. At least not anymore. I guess I just got tired of the big talk-fight-talk sequences, and the brooding main characters and comical sidekicks (or vice versa). Though there are some anime/manga that I still like. Dragonball Z, Rurouni Kenshin, Wolf's Rain, and Full Metal Alchemist are amongst the few. But my favorite anime/manga of all is probably Naruto.

I started reading Naruto three years ago. During that time, I was just curious about the anime since every forum I visted seems to have a discussions about Naruto. That's why I got a copy of the manga. I instantly fell in love with the series after reading it because it has everything (action, drama, and comedy). The main character, Naruto, is also one of the strongest characters I've read in a story. He's cunning and stupid, funny and sad, and pefectly flawed.

So now that I got hooked with the series, I have almost 200 anime episodes and more than 300 chapters of the manga sitting in my hard drive. Though I haven't downloaded any Naruto anime episodes for quite some time now. But to be more accurate, I'm trying to avoid the episodes since the crappy filler arcs are just chipping at my patience. I prefer to read the manga version since it's updated weekly and it's faster to download.

If you also want to join the action and the hype. You can always download the manga version, from the start to the current issue, at Naruto Central. It's free and they update it regularly.


Maruel said...

The fillers are over. Naruto Shippuuden is here! Got Naruto? Episodes can also be downloaded here, http://gotnaruto.blogspot.com/. Enjoy!:D