Shinigami/Death God

I was really bored last night and found playing Lord of the Rings Online to be a slow grind. So, instead, I decided to download and started watching Bleach and Death Note, two popular anime series that many anime fans have been raving about. So far, I like them both -but I'm really impressed with Death Note- even though I've only seen the first episodes of each series.

Coincidentally, both protagonist in Bleach and Death Note have gained their powers from a Shinigami (translated as Death God in English). However, their intentions of using their newly acquired powers is what separate both series. The protagonist of Bleach, Ichigo, has a more simple and noble agenda to protect. So it's a bit cliched, but it's really too early to say that since I haven't seen the development of the series. On the other hand, Light, of Death Note, who plans to use his powers to cleanse the world of criminals and then rule his created utopia as a god, is more of an anti-hero. It's an impressive anime, Death Note. The story is really mature and, unlike many anime, there's less fight scenes.

I will continue watching both and see the development of both series. I might have to set a date for a Bleach or Death Note Marathon so I can watch all the released episodes at once.