Shoot, Shoot, Shoot

For some reason, I've been getting blogs about anime toys on my internet searches. First, it was Danny Choo's blog. Now, while I was looking for digital camera reviews, I got Happy Soda. Of course, Happy Soda is as cool as Danny Choo's blog. It has lots of anime related entries and photos of anime figures.

The author of the blog also wrote a little tutorial about setting up a mini-studio for figurine photography. It piqued my interest, after reading it, and decided to try it. I scraped up some materials needed for the mini-studio like: study table lamps, construction paper, and some boxes. I have to improvise, of course, since I don't have everything in the house. Then, after setting up the little studio, with cheap lights and background, I started shooting my Spawn and Star Wars figures with the use of my old 4.1 MP Sony Cyber-shot. Here are the photos:

Well, the pictures are crap, far from decent. But it's not a bad job for a newbie shutterbug like myself. I think I do really need a camera. Because this figurine photography is really interesting. I was planning to buy a digital SLR camera as a gift for my sister's birthday. But I think I'll just buy her some cheap stuff and keep the camera to myself.