Transformers: All about the eye candy

G.I. Joe and the Transformers, both cartoons, were part of my childhood. But I always thought that these two series are too big to be made into a motion picture. That's why, even though I knew that colossal names were behind the production (Spielberg), I was uncertain of the film's outcome. Although the boy in me was crying to watch the film. So I went to see it, and I was half-right...it was big but they almost had it.

The intro of the film immediately featured Blackout (whom they change, from an anti-aircraft, into a Sikorsky helicopter) invading a USAF base. After that quick and extreme action, however, seeing Shia LaBeouf running around after a girl, I couldn't help but think I was watching that teen romantic/comedy/thriller film Disturbia. The other robots didn't actually appear until the latter half of the movie, to unveil a really weak plot. It's a good thing that the main character's love interest, Megan Fox, is a real hottie, and I would definitely say that she is the best eye candy in the film.

Megan Fox plays Mikaela, main character's love interest.

The robots, of course, were cool. They were talking, walking, intelligent life-forms. Their movements are very realistic and, even though they were big, they were graceful. Unlike their animated counterparts, their transformation from robot to vehicle seems to be in the same scale. The CD player (Soundwave) transforms into a small robot, while Megatron, an alien jet, is gigantic. They also changed a couple of the robots modes. Notably Bumble-bee who now transforms into a Chevy Camaro instead of Volkswagen Beetle. There was even pun in the film where Bumble-Bee had to hit an old yellow VW Beetle with his door, sweeping the old car aside. I was also glad to see Ironhide as a big GM truck instead of a red family van. Red van in the animation doesn't really paint Ironhide's tough demeanor.

But I was a bit disappointed, really. Because it could've been so much better. There were babes, cars, robots, loud explosions, and a "Cybertron"-ic effects. the film has all the ingredients except a thick plot (and of course no Teletran I). It's just one big movie that defined the summer 2007, but will soon be dismissed.