Space Siege unveiled on E3

Because I was so busy with work in the past few months, I thought I missed the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) coverage. I didn't know that the expo was, somewhat, delayed and just started this July. However, the expo is kind of dead in the PC RPG department. Mostly, it's just updates of the games I already know about. The only game that I'm, by far, excited about is Space Siege.

Space Siege, since Gas Powered Games is behind its development, one might think that this game is much similar to Dungeon Siege, except that the setting is in the future. Well, I can't blame anybody for it. The game title is really unoriginal. However, my mind changed after reading a couple of articles. Here's a couple of snippets, from Gamespot and IGN, that got me excited:

"...while it will have a brand-new rendering engine, they're not intending to reinvent the graphical wheel. Instead, their focus will be on allowing you to inhabit the character of Seth and telling a deep and engaging story."
Story over graphics...that's what I want to hear from game developers.
"...Seth upgrades himself with cybernetic modules. Not only do these upgrades increase his personal power, but also how NPCs in the game will respond to him, as more cybernetics equals less room for his fleshy, organic parts. Instead of replacing skin with machinery and circuit boards, players can choose to fight in their natural human form to limit the spread of suspicion and xenophobia among fellow humans."
There's choices and there's consequences from what you chose. The game looks promising indeed. I just hope they're not hyping.