The Big Move/January "To-Do" List

We've finally transfered to the new house. While I fancy the new place, moving in it was quite an ordeal. The packing, the lifting, the unpacking, and the cleaning up seems endless. That's why I haven't updated this blog for quite sometime now (plus, I had no internet connection for a day) Now, however, things are starting to settle down. But we still have a bit of work on our hands to completely tidy things up.

Anyways, as promised on my last post, here's my January "To-Do" list. It's a bit short since the move took up a lot of my vacation time.

  • Read a book (either A Bloody Business or Blackwater).
  • Finish playing The World in Conflict.
  • Practice guitar techniques: string skipping and alternate picking to perfection.
I hope I can keep these my promises to myself