E-Project Budget

A couple of blogs ago, I mentioned that my PC is dying. But actually, not really, I was just exaggerating. My rig can still take a little bit of punishment. However, it won't be able to cater to my gaming needs, graphics wise. I'm no graphic whore but I just want my games to run in high resolutions, x2 anti-aliasing and high detailed textures (I don't care about all other GFXs). Last year, I was forced to run some of my games in low resolutions (800 x 600) and low or medium textures. That was a horrendous experience since it took out a bit of the immersion.

So this year, since games will be even more graphically demanding, I'll try to put most of my money to get a better rig and peripherals. I've also decided to get a desktop instead of a laptop (see posts: Laptop or Desktop? and Back to School?) because I won't be going back to school this year. I'm not financially prepared for that, even with a scholarship from work.

Anyways, these are the peripherals that I'm planning to get:

  • Lotigech X-240 Speakers - $55
  • Logitech G15 Keyboard - $150
  • HP w2207 22" Monitor - $350
I also got a laser mouse last week, a Logitech MX400.

Well that's that. I'll definitely get the peripherals but I'm not so sure if I can afford the monitor. As for the rig, I don't know what I should get. The best thing I can do right now is just save money and be on the look out for new products and great deals. Hopefully, I'd get lucky and catch an affordable gaming rig with an HDMI connector and a Blu-ray drive.


crucios said...

hey cool! i bought Mouse Logitech G9 and the Keyboard G15! :)